Manuscript Submission

Submit your manuscript.  We publish books in all categories but specialize in fiction, non-fiction, history, and photography books but will publish any genre.  

How We Work:

If your manuscript is accepted, we print and distribute the book.  We will work to get your book listed on a variety of mediums including online and in store platforms.  We specialize in book marketing.  We also offer limited editing assistance.  There is no cost for any of these services.  Additionally, you are not limited to our services.  If you want to manage your own distribution, marketing, production, or any other feature of production or sales, we will provide you printed or on demand book service sales at your convenience. 

Why Choose Us:

We know how burdensome publishing can be.  There are many high cost stages involved including editing, production, and marketing costs.  We have long standing relationships with printing companies, have established distribution channels, and specialize in marketing.  We offer these services at no cost and only get paid if your book sells.

Please email us at for more questions.